James Comey mocks Trump with a Mariah Carey GIF after being accused of lying


Former FBI director James Comey has accused Donald Trump of being obsessed with him by using a GIF of Mariah Carey.

On Thursday, the president accused Comey of leaking classified information and lying to Congress in a tweet that was initially about the 40-month prison sentence that has been handed to Roger Stone.

Comey is a regular target of Trump's on Twitter and has mentioned him just shy of 200 times on the website since he fired him from the FBI in May 2017.

In a reply to the president, Comey used a clip from Carey's 2003 music video 'Obsessed' to ask Trump and poignant question:

Comey is hardly the first person that has accused Trump of being obsessed with him.

In March 2019, Hillary Clinton used a Mean Girls GIF after he mocked her for not running in the 2020 election.

Earlier this year, Joe Biden also accused Trump of being obsessed with him with a satirical video.

HT Daily Mail

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