Trump Jr mocked after just 200 people show up to an event where he was speaking

Trump Jr mocked after just 200 people show up to an event where he was speaking

Donald Trump Jr spends most of his time on Twitter singing his father's praises and basically imitating his controversial old man's beliefs and swagger.

Although we shudder at the thought of what a Trump Jr president would look like we might not need to worry as judging by footage that emerged on Thursday he can't draw the same crowds as his dad can.

The 41-year-old was speaking at an event in Kentucky in support of governor Matt Bevin who is currently running for re-election from the state's Attorney General Andy Beshear.

What should have been a rip-roaring rally for the governor quickly turned into a sorry affair as there was next to nobody there, despite local reports expecting there to a memorable turnout for Trump Jr.

The reality was that only 200 people showed up to the Appalachian Wireless Arena, which has a capacity of 7,000. Local radio reporter Ryland Barton tweeted a picture of the crowd and it is pitiful to say the least.

It was actually so badly attended that the organisers had to ask those that did show up to stand closer to the stage in order to the event look better for the cameras.

Footage has also emerged from the event, which so just how empty the arena was.

Anyway, according to Barton, Trump Jr spent most of his speech attacking renewable energy, Robert Mueller and praising his dear old dad.

Trump Jr's girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle also spoke at the event where she praised Bevin, claimed that no one blows up snowflakes like her other half and made a reference to Star Wars.

Despite the couple's best efforts to put on a brave face, there was no masking how humiliating the whole fiasco was and people were more than happy to revel in their misfortune.

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