Donald Trump Jr just shared the most embarrassing picture of his dad


Donald Trump and his family are no strangers to sharing slightly questionable things on their social media accounts.

A short scroll through the President's Twitter feed for example, will quickly reveal a number of bizarre pictures and gifs his followers have sent him.

His opponent during the 2016 Presidential election and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton features regularly in these images, alongside CNN and other media outlets.

POTUS' oldest son, Donald Trump Jr isn't afraid of sharing odd images either, although they're usually of himself.

However, the 39-year-old might have just won the award for "worst Donald Trump meme ever" with the following picture.

We honestly don't know where to start with this.

Why on Earth does he have a beard? Trump has never had a beard and Superman isn't well know for his facial hair. Maybe the Photoshopper was trying for Marvel's Thor?

Via: Via: Giphy

Lastly, did it really need to be on the cover of Time magazine?

This is too much for us to handle, and it seems the rest of the internet agrees.

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