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The hilarity continues to ensue as Donald Trump's imaginary terrorist attack in Sweden now has its own vigil.


Now Danish artist Artpusher has organised a mock vigil in Copenhagen this week.

The 'memorial event', which will take place at the Swedish embassy, will be a show of solidarity with the 'victims' of the 'incident'.

"After the tragic attacks in Sweden, the world awakes with sadness and resolution," he writes on the Facebook page 'Pray For Sweden'.

We Stand with Sweden, We Stand with the Swedish people.

He adds: "The event is approved by the local police."

More than 1,200 people have already clicked attending.

According to The Local, ArtPusher (real name Søren Vilhelm) has told people to remember to bring "fake flowers".

"The idea is that we quietly go there and quietly put down our fake flowers, but the most important thing is the posts we make afterwards about it on social media, so it's a fake event."

I’ve been talking to angry people all yesterday and all today trying to explain that this is not an anti-Trump demonstration, this is an anti-fake news demonstration.

Vilhelm, who has been the instigator of several political pranks in Denmark, including launching a joke political group called 'The Love Party', also explained that trolling Trump was almost too easy.

Trump is a gift to any artist, because he’s like a walking cartoon, but he’s alive and he’s real.

This is about being able to make your own mind up and make a decision based on facts.

This is bigger than Trump.

But although Vilhem's the new Trump troll in town, we still take our hats off to the former Swedish foreign minister for this epic tweet...

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