Donald Trump: White House hosts Made in America party with guests eating with 'spoons made in China'

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In a development that is somehow not satire, the White House reportedly served guests with Chinese-made silverware at a exhibition showcasing US-made products.

The showcase, held in the Jacqueline Kennedy garden at the White House this week, intended to put the spotlight on American-made goods - but appeared to put China first instead.

When not admiring goods from various states, some attendees allegedly noticed they were only fed thanks to China, reports

Matt Roberts, the president of the last flatware maker in the US, Sherrill Manufacturing, was shown a spoon by Rep. Claudia Tenney, who asked where it came from.

"It says Oneida Ltd," Roberts said, according to the website. "It's made in China."

If this is true, it get worse: Oneida used to manufacture products in the US, but moved overseas; and Sherrill is the only company that produces flatware made wholly in the US, according to its website.

This is despite Trump promising Tenney in November that he would buy Sherill's USA-made knives and forks for the White House.

Roberts told that he understands why Trump has been slow to buy the flatware:

With all of the things going on in the world, forks and spoons in your kitchen are not exactly the top priority at the White House.

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