On Monday, president Trump announced that the United States and Mexico have agreed to a new trade deal, which will replace the current North American Free Trade Agreement.

However, when he tried to reach the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, on the phone to announce the agreement, in front of gathered reporters, there was just one issue.

Enrique wasn't there.

As the cameras rolled on, the exchange became more and more awkward, as the president pushed a few buttons on his phone, and the technical issues continued.

Finally, an aide connected him with Mexico's president, and the two leaders greeted one another.

Obviously, the embarrassing exchange has become an instant meme, with many people making comparisons with the US political satire TV series Veep.

Many made the obvious comparison with American political satire TV show Veep.

Even Julia Dreyfus approved.

Some with The Office...

Others got stuck in with the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme tune...

Was Enrique in on the joke?

Others just thought the whole thing was rather hilarious.

Even the White House can't handle conference calls.

HT The Daily Dot

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