Trump has shared a Nickleback meme and Twitter should probably be deleted now

Thursday 03 October 2019 08:00

Trump has tweeted out a lot of weird, impeachable things in his time.

But it turns out that the thing to really send people over the edge wasn’t any of his lies or meltdowns in the end.

Nope, it was sharing a Nickelback meme.

Yesterday Trump posted a now-deleted-for-copyright-issues video with the caption “LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!”

The video in question featured Biden saying that he’s never spoken to his son about overseas dealings before Chad Kroeger, singing “Photograph” comes into frame holding a photo of Biden and his son holding golf clubs with a “Ukraine gas exec”.

Many have pointed out that the picture itself is pretty misleading. @pdmcleod said, "This is misleading. Giuliani is talking about a photo of the Bidens golfing with Devon Archer who, yes, was on the board of Burisima. But Archer and Biden were already in business together and joined the board more or less together."

But, really, the most disturbing thing of all has to be Trump tweeting a Nickelback meme.

Also, Trump should really up his game. This meme is like three years old already.

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