Trump taunted with plane banners that brutally mock his presidency at Florida resort

Donald Trump has been out of the White House for less than a week and although he doesn’t have Twitter anymore people are still eager to troll the former president

After he refused to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony in Washington DC last Wednesday, he and Melania Trump jetted off to his Mar-A-Lago golf resort in Florida, where they have been ever since. 

It would appear that he’s not getting much solitude or chance for reflection there as he only has to look up at the sky to be reminded of his presidency which ended the way it started: with failure and disgrace.

Planes trailing several different banners have been spotted above Trump’s resort, featuring messages such as ‘Trump worst president ever’ and ‘Trump you pathetic loser go back to Moscow.’

Footage of the planes has been captured by Paxton Boyd of CBS 12 and Daniel Uhlfelder, who you may remember as the man who dressed up as the grim reaper on Florida beaches last year.

Trump’s retreat to the Palm Beach area of Florida is a curious one to say the least as he only gained 43 per cent of the vote in that location, compared to Biden’s 56 per cent. That being said he did manage to hold on to the state of Florida making Biden the first winning election candidate to not win Florida since John F Kennedy in 1960.

The contempt for Trump in Florida is well documented. In December the Washington Post reported that local residents were protesting Trump’s plans to use the location as his home post-presidency, something that Trump’s representatives have contested. 

Still, as some have pointed out it might be more fruiful investing this time, money and energy into more worthwhile causes.

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