Obama's photographer shows Trump exactly 'how to deal with Putin'

Donald Trump is under blistering attacks from all sides after he backed Russian denials over accusations of interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The remarkable press conference, held following a meeting between Trump and Russian president Vladmir Putin in Helsinki, was described by Republican senator John McCain as "one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in memory" and "treasonous" by former CIA director John Brennan.

Trump, who recently voiced the hope that "some day, maybe [Putin will] be a friend", said he could think of "no reason" why Russia would be involved in the meddling - a belief at odds with the consensus among US intelligence agencies that Russia did seek to alter the election.

We all know Trump doesn't take well to being unfavourably compared to his predecessor, and has previously criticised Barack Obama for having "zero chemistry with Putin", doing "NOTHING after being informed in August about Russia meddling" and just straight-up being "just so bad!".

So this post from Pete Souza, Obama's former White House photographer, would probably burn Trump quite badly. Immediately following the Helsinki summit, Souza shared an image of Obama speaking to Putin with the caption:

Here’s how you’re supposed to deal with the Russian president.

Souza has used photos of Obama's time in the White House to call out Trump in the past.

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