How Twitter reacted to Trump's very awkward meeting with the Queen

Donald Trump had quite a full day in the UK yesterday.

For starters, he admitted that he felt unwelcome in London, 250,000 people protested against him. Then he took part in an eventful press conference with Theresa May.

To top his day off he then met the Queen at Windsor Castle and let's just say it wasn't one of his finest moments.

Firstly, he managed to break royal protocol twice in just a matter of minutes as he failed to bow or curtsy in front of her Royal Highness.

Then he made a right mess of walking, yes, walking, when he and the Queen inspected a guard of honour.

Trump showed all the grace of hippo and managed to walk in front of the Queen, which is a huge error on his behalf.

Twitter was absolutely astonished at his lack of humility around the Queen and his general inability to walk.

Prior to this Trump had kept the Queen waiting for 10 minutes while he presumably did something else.

Just think about that for a while. He kept a 92-year-old woman and not just any woman, a Monarch of a country, waiting in the sun. We're just as flabbergasted as you.

Then came a very awkward spot of afternoon tea with the Queen which Melania also joined.

The Queen's general unimpressed demeanour in a now infamous photo created dozens of memes on social media.

Elsewhere, others were envisioning what might have happened in the meeting.

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