Trump refuses to say he’ll stop supporters chanting racist chants, then says he ‘loves’ them

Trump refuses to say he’ll stop supporters chanting racist chants, then says he ‘loves’ them

The aftermath of President Donald Trump’s tweets, which told four Democrat congresswomen of colour to “go back” to where they came from, is still being felt across the pond.

Last month, a North Carolina rally chanted “send her back” when the president brought up Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar at a rally on 17 July.

After the remarks and chanting caused outrage worldwide, Trump insisted to the world media that he was "not happy" with his supporters' chants. Following global backlash president later said that he tried to stop the crowds chanting. Though a video of the incident shows that he in-fact simply paused for 13-seconds, allowing his supporters to continue shouting, before continuing with his speech. At no point making an obvious call for the audience to stop.

As Trump resumed his 2020 rally schedule in Ohio, reporters asked him what he would do if the crowds started chanting again.

The reporter, who is unnamed, asked:

At your rally night will you tell your supporters to stop if they start chanting racist stuff?

Trump responded:

If they do the chant, we'll see what happens

But the reporter pressed him further:

But will you stop them?

The President replied:

I don't know that you can stop people ... I prefer that they don't.

Next, the reporter asked Trump if he had a message for his supporters with regards the 'send her back' taunts.

Trump said:

You know what my message is? I love them. And I think they love me. I actually think they love me.

For obvious reasons, people on Twitter weren’t impressed with the president’s response, seeing this as yet another example of Donald Trump failing to condemn racism or hate speech.

Previously Trump's has drawn criticism for his comments regarding the far-right protestors at the Charlottesville rally, after civil-rights activist Heather Heyer was killed when a white nationalist drove his car into a crowd in the Virginia city.

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