Trump praises Russia and calls Isis fighters 'puppies' in bizarre speech after terror group leader's death


Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed after US Special Forces chased him "crying and screaming" into a dead-end tunnel where he detonated an explosives vest, killing himself and three children.

Trump described how Baghdadi fled down the tunnel which connected to his Syrian safe-house with three children as he was pursued by dogs - after reaching the end, he detonated his explosive vest, killing himself and those around him.

The US president delivered a lengthy speech about the two-week operation, and some people online have taken to levity and broken down parts of his speech that they found particularly challenging to hear.

On calling ISIS militants “puppies”

On thanking Russia

“Russia treated us great... Iraq was excellent. We really had great cooperation,” he says. Trump says Turkey knew they were “going in”.

I'll tell you who loves us: Russia and China.

On getting to watch the raid as though it were a movie

On Baghdadi supporters as “losers”

They had no idea what they were getting into – in some cases they were very frightened puppies and in other cases they were hardcore killers.

On leaving soldiers to “secure the oil”

We’re out. But we are leaving soldiers to secure the oil. We may have to fight for the oil, it’s ok... Somebody else may claim it.

On ISIS using the Internet ‘better than anyone in the world’

On Bin Laden being a “big thing” but Baghdadi being "bigger"


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