This one photo of Trump's press conference has gone viral for being absolutely perfect

This one photo of Trump's press conference has gone viral for being absolutely perfect

Donald Trump shocked the world on Thursday evening when he gave a speech in the White House briefing room which has been widely discredited for being riddled with baseless claims about the US election result.

Although the US presidential election is yet to be declared, Joe Biden has at the time of writing eaten into president Trump's lead in Pennsylvania, overtaken in Georgia and still leads in Arizona and Nevada, thanks to the amount of mail-in ballots that have reportedly been cast for the Democrat. This comes after Biden successfully flipped Michigan and Wisconsin.

If any of these states are called for the Democrat then Biden could easily reach the 270 electoral college votes required to become the president-elect.

However, Trump has suggested that he will refuse to accept the election and could take the results to the supreme court, an action that would be in huge defiance of democracy.

The president spoke for just over 16 minutes and made many unproven claims, leading to the likes of Stephen Colbert lost for words and CNN's Anderson Cooper likening Trump to an 'obese turtle.'

There is still a chance that Trump can win if he holds on to his lead in Pennsylvania and overtakes in Georgia but his options are looking slim. While he was talking to the press on Thursday, Associated Press photographer Evan Vucci snapped a picture of the president, juxtaposed with the exit sign of the press briefing room.

The photograph soon went viral with many hailing it a perfect encapsulation of Trump's current predicament and the rhetoric that he is spinning to his supporters.

Trump's claim that he has won the election has been criticised by notable conservative commentators like Ben Shapiro, however his eldest son, Donald Jr, has been branded 'reckless' after he called Trump supporters to 'go to war' over the election.

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