Trump's campaign team shares 'Star Wars' video of president decapitating news networks

Donald Trump's re-election campaign team has shared a video of the president superimposed onto the Star Wars character Yoda, while he decapitates two figures made to look like US news networks.

The verified Team Trump account which is officially affiliated with the president shared the clip on 4 May, which has been assigned as 'Star Wars Day' due to the date sounding similar to the franchises famous catchphrase "may the force be with you".

In the Team Trump clip, Joe Biden's face is placed onto the evil Emperor Palpatine who orders a Stormtrooper, with CNN placed on its head, to kill the Jedi master Yoda, who in this video is Trump. The CNN Stormtrooper joins another Stormtooper who is supposed to be MSNBC but before they can strike Yoda Trump jumps into the air and take off both of their heads with his lightsabre.

The tweet contained the phrase "may the 4th be with you" and has already been viewed more than 198,000 times. As you can probably guess, people were not impressed, with some also asking Disney, who owns Star Wars, if it violated copyright laws.

This is hardly the first time that videos have been made of Trump attacking a news network. In 2017 he shared an infamous video of his time in WWE beating up 'CNN'. Another video from October 2019 showed the president in a scene from The Kingsmen, where he shot and killed several news outlets.

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