A Trump supporter has been the latest victim of 'milkshaking', after anti-Trump protestors poured a milky drink onto his head during a heated confrontation.

Senior reporter at LBC, Matthew Thompson, shared a clip of the altercation to his Twitter account, accompanied by the caption:

A Trump supporter is milkshaked by a hostile crowd in Parliament Square.

And then it all kicks off...

In the clip, the protestors can be heard shouting 'Nazi scum' repeatedly at the man, before someone throws what appears to be a milkshake on his head, and a scuffle ensues.

Afterwards, one of the protestors can be heard saying:

You're behaving as badly as he is.

The clip kicked off a lot of debate online, with some branding the protestors 'vile' and 'intolerant'.

And others saying their behaviour is 'embarrassing'.

HT Twitchy

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