Fox News interview Trump supporter eating 10 eggs for breakfast and people can’t handle it

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Fox News travelled to Wisconsin yesterday for another classic round of “asking random people about politics”.

Fox & Friends headed to a breakfast diner in Milwaukee to ask Trump supporters about their thoughts on the president’s tax returns, the Democratic 2020 challengers and that ever-present bogeyman “socialism”.

But what caught viewers’ attention wasn’t what one voter was saying, it was what he was eating.

Fox News found a proud MAGA supporter who likes an insane number of eggs in the morning.

What is... going on?

From Fox correspondent Todd Piro’s Twitter, it looks like two sets of five eggs fried together to make some kind of super egg…

Either that or he's won the 'double quintet yoker' jackpot.

Are these the same eggs that the Trump supporter had? Or are they just a prop used by Fox News to create an "authentic" diner experience?

You can find a website for the diner (Johnny V’s) online and there isn’t a multi-egg option on the regular menu – so how did he get all those eggs?

After some investigating, Arlen Parsa found out that the breakfast is not on the regular menu because it’s part of a "5lb food challenge" which comes to 2,421 calories.


Hopefully he enjoyed all those eggs as much as the internet enjoyed making jokes about them.

Maybe it’s just not a weird thing in Milwaukee to eat 10 eggs in one sitting.

Who are we to judge?

However, it's concerning that the diner appears to have a Robert E Lee Special on the menu – as in, the Confederate commander Robert E Lee… from Virginia…

Who knew the Confederacy had so much support in the Midwest…

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