Trump spotted carrying a print out of an article praising the viewing figures of his disastrous Tulsa rally

Even when things aren't going right for the president, Donald Trump will try his best to turn a situation in his favour and make good news out of bad news.

In an interview that was filmed on June 22 for part of the Fox Nation series What Made America Great, Trump gave reporter Brian Kilmeade a tour of the White House and Oval Office and spoke about some concerning America today including coronavirus and the ongoing anti-racism protests.

The interview came just a day after Trump had held a controversial rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma which was poorly attended and reportedly pranked by a group of teenagers who managed to request tickets to the event but chose not to turn up leaving the nearly 20,000 capacity arena barely full.

However, during the interview people couldn't help but notice that Trump was carrying a piece of paper in his hand and only upon closer inspection noticed that it was actually an article praising his Tulsa rally and the fact that it gave Fox their highest-ever ratings for a Saturday evening.

Much of the interview had already been aired last week as pointed out in the above tweet but people have only just noticed what Trump had in his hands. While we should hardly be surprised this is arguably further evidence of just how angry and insecure he felt after the embarrassment of that Tulsa rally.

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