People are disgusted by Trump’s latest ‘ageist’ and ‘sickening’ tweet
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Another day of Trump tweeting, another day of weird and offensive 'memes'.

President Donald Trump on Tuesday shared a very strange and disturbing image – as he is often wont to do – of Joe Biden’s head superimposed onto the body of a person in a retirement home sitting in a wheelchair.

The antagonistic post reads “Biden for President” with the ‘P’ crossed on in red, implying the Democratic nominee should be a ‘resident’ of a retirement home for elderly people.

While some of Trump’s supporters appeared to find it amusing – it currently has almost half a million favourites on Twitter – many others were quick to call it ‘ageist’ and 'stupid' for seeming alienating to a demographic he is in danger of losing.

“Seniors Vote,” a doctor commented on his post, “And they will vote you out, old man.”

“My 91-year-old grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s, lives in a long-term care facility. I can’t see him in person because of Covid-19,” Mark Joseph Stern wrote of the post.

“This is genuinely sickening. Our elders deserve better.”

Not to mention the fact that while Biden is 77, Trump is 74, only three years younger. Despite this, Trump’s campaign has been working hard to label Biden as too old for the presidency – constantly calling him “sleepy” and even claiming he has dementia.

Trump shared the post just before Biden told a group of senior citizens in Florida on Tuesday that Trump’s recent erroneous remarks that the coronavirus affects “virtually nobody” show he doesn’t care about them at all.

“To Donald Trump, it’s simple, not a joke, you’re expendable. You’re forgettable. You’re virtually nobody. That’s how he sees seniors. That’s how he sees you,” Biden said.

According to polls, Biden seems to be right. Trump has been rapidly losing support among seniors at a ‘historic rate’ and this tweet definitely won’t help him gain any back.

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