Donald Trump has returned to the UK for Nato's 70th anniversary summit, but not everyone's happy to see him.

The President faced a frosty reception from Nato members after pulling US troops out of Syria last month. And Boris Johnson isn't likely to be too friendly either, as he seeks to distance himself from suggestions he'll sell off the NHS in a US trade deal.

Trump will also be hosted at Buckingham Palace along with other world leaders. Some are speculating that even this will be awkward given Trump and Prince Andrew's old friendships with Jeffrey Epstein.

But no one can greet an unwanted visitor quite like the British people.

His speeches at the Nato summit weren't exactly praised.

But people were more interested in what he might say about the election.

A resurfaced video of a young Boris Johnson calling for the NHS to be broken up into monopolies has people even more worried about him meeting Trump.

And there were even jabs about Epstein.

Protests at Trump's arrival might not have been so ferocious this year, with our own floppy-haired leader dominating headlines.

But the British people have still made their feelings clear at the president's visit.

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