Another day, another utterly bizarre moment of the Trump presidency.

Trump has done a lot of completely ridiculous things, from “covfefe” to saying he’d be dating his daughter if she wasn’t, err, his daughter.

But now Trump has launched a new political advert that is, without a doubt, one of the strangest things he's ever done.

In fact, the way he drinks water (with two hands) and his strange handshake technique are practically normal compared to this...

The advert conveys Trump’s message in cartoon form. Because, why not? After all, Trump seems to like artistic impressions of himself (remember when he had that weird painting of himself hanging in the White House?)

The clip shows Trump in various strange positions and, well, the best way to get this across is by dissecting it frame-by-frame.

As it starts, he flickers in and out of focus, and at one point he’s just a floating tie…

Then we see notorious draft-dodger Trump putting a cap on a military officer.

Before the clip cuts to Trump doing some “hotline bling” style dancing. Yup, all very normal.

Then we see Trump grinning as someone ruffles his trademark hair like a dog. This is reminiscent of the time that Jimmy Kimmel did this when Trump was a guest on his talk show.

Then, out of nowhere: “DONALD TRUMP WINS”. Alrighty then.

Only to be interrupted by Trump chatting to a clown.

Before we’re treated to Trump grinning while surrounded by floating MAGA hats.

Trump’s final appearance in the film, naturally, is him hugging the American flag.

Before the final frame reads: “KEEP AMERICA GREAT”.

It looks like Halloween came early this year. We need to go and lie down.

On Twitter, people really weren't sure what to make of the insanely creepy cartoon.

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