Tucker Carlson claims he's never been vaccinated despite Fox rules

Tucker Carlson claims he's never been vaccinated despite Fox rules
Tucker Carlson compares Covid to prostate cancer

Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that he's never been vaccinated, although Fox Corp reports that 90 per cent of full-time staff members are.

On April 2, Carlson spoke with churchgoers at Awaken Church in San Diego, California, and poked fun at the idea of getting a second booster shot.

"I skipped the first three. I'm not getting that one either," Carlson said, according to Voice of San Diego.

The Daily Beast also reported on this moment in their Source Material newsletter and said that additional audio was sent to them confirming Carlson's remarks, which included him citing having grown up "next to the Salk Institute in La Jolla" and was "obviously" not opposed to vaccines.

"I've had like a million of them," Carlson said. However, regarding Covid shots, Carlson added: "I look at these people, like, this just does not make sense at all. And I have no idea what's up here, but whatever you're telling me it's just not true."

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For months, there had been assumptions and speculation about whether or not the host received a vaccination.

He has aired numerous segments during Fox News prime time, such as calling into question the safety and efficiency safety of the Covid-19 vaccines.

In June 2021, a New York Times writer had asked if he was vaccinated and responded by asking him about his sex life.

And in December 2021, he told Nigel Farage that men become more "feminine" after contracting coronavirus.

Fox News does have its own vaccine mandate. In July 2021, Ryan Grim, The Intercept's DC bureau chief, revealed an internal memo he received from Fox Corporation, which outlined the policy for every employee, including Fox News.

Those who are fully vaccinated get their own vaccine pass called a "FOX Clear Pass." This is received after those vaccinated individuals entered their information into Workday. Fully vaccinated employees are also "not required to wear a mask or socially distance while at work."

Unvaccinated members are allowed to work at Fox, but they have different guidelines.

"Unvaccinated employees must continue to comply with all of FOX's Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines, including social distancing and mask-wearing at work unless an exception applies (e.g., they are alone in an office).

Indy100 reached out to Fox News for comment.

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