Tucker Carlson tells Nigel Farage that catching Covid ‘feminises’ men and people are very confused

Tucker Carlson tells Nigel Farage that catching Covid ‘feminises’ men and people are very confused

Tucker Carlson has left people perplexed after he claimed that men become more ‘feminine’ after they have contracted Covid-19.

The Fox News anchor, who was talking to Nigel Farage – of all people – on an episode of his Tucker Carlson Today on Fox Nation show, made the bizarre claim during a conversation about Boris Johnson.

The two were discussing Johnson’s reign as prime minister and the many u-turns that the government has been forced into under his leadership.

Carlson then, almost out of nowhere, says that somebody who knows the prime minister told him “that getting Covid emasculated him, it changed him, it feminised him, it weakened him as a man.”

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Even Farage, who isn’t usually lost for words, seemed slightly taken aback by this statement. The Brexiteer didn’t directly respond to Carlson’s claim but added: “Well, I think he was very seriously ill, and I think one of the things we have learned from COVID is people who are 50, 60, 70, 80 pounds overweight tend to fare very badly.”

Carlson, though, returned to his feminine theory. The 52-year-old continued: “The virus itself, this is true, does tend to take away the lifeforce in some people. It does feminise people. No one ever says that but it’s true.”

Again, Farage seems a bit perplexed but he then goes on to blame Carrie Johnson, the prime minister’s wife. “Look I think the virus did affect him. But let’s be honest about it, it’s the new wife, isn’t it? I mean, it’s Carrie Johnson, or as they call Carrie Antoinette, which the historians like. This is a very powerful, very strong woman.”

Carlson interjects to seemingly mock Johnson saying: “What wife is this, do we know. Or do we even keep count?”

There is so much to unpack here from mistruths about Covid and casual misogyny. It goes without saying that the internet had a field day.

Just for clarification, the CDC does not list ‘feminisation’ as a symptom of Covid -19.

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