Twitter delighted as Royal Mail says elastic bands can be posted for reuse

PA Wire

One social media user’s low-key question on the Royal Mail’s elastic band usage prompted an answer that delighted hundreds on Twitter

Kate Griffin sent the poser to @RoyalMailHelp on Thursday, writing: “A couple of websites say that you accept rubber bands for recycling.

“Is this true, and if so, what is the correct address to post them to?”

The Royal Mail’s response appeared to surprise swathes of Twitter users.

“Hi Kate, you can post elastic bands straight into our Postboxes, no address required,” the verified account replied.

“If they’re usable we’ll reuse them, if not then they’ll be recycle(d)”.

Kate’s reply summed up the mood of many, writing: “No waaaaaaay! Thanks for letting me know!”

The tweet received more than one thousand reactions before the end of the day, including retweets, likes and comments.

Robin Gissing reacted by sharing the tweet with the caption: “If you live in the U.K and get parcels delivered this is god-tier information!”

Another simply wrote “That’s blown my mind.”

Good news for the planet – bad news for the nation’s elastic band balls.

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