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Tragedy struck last year when a Nigerian women, pregnant with quadruplets, lost two of her newborn children shortly after giving birth.

The women, known only as Pricilla, went into labour three months early after she landed in the UK. She was on her way back to Nigeria via London, after she was refused entry to the US.

She’d intended to meet up with her family in Chicago (and was instructed to do so by her doctor in Nigeria), but instead had to give birth at Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital in west London.

One of her children did not survive the birth, and another tragically passed away last week. The remaining brother and sister are currently being treated by the hospital’s intensive care department.

It’s a very sad situation.

This is how The Sun chose to cover it on their front page.

It is indeed true that she has received a £500,000 bill that she is unable to pay, and that she is currently living in a charity funded hostel.

But on the other hand, two babies died.

The Daily Mail also covered the story in a similar manner.

The case was featured on the BBC2 documentary series Hospital.

In the episode, Pricilla is quoted as saying:

I didn’t plan to come here.

It’s only money. Money can’t buy life. The last bill I had was £331,000 but – even if I worked every day – I would never earn that much money. My kids are priceless.

indy100 contacted The Sun but their spokesperson declined to comment.

The episode of Hospital airs tonight at 9pm.

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