Uber releases Swiftie-inspired friendship bracelets ahead of the Eras Tour

Uber releases Swiftie-inspired friendship bracelets ahead of the Eras Tour

Uber releases Swiftie-inspired friendship bracelets ahead of the Era's Tour


At this point, Swifties are now synonymous with swapping friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift shows.

To celebrate the Eras tour coming to the UK this summer Uber (aka ‘The Swift Lift') will be releasing specially designed, colour-coded friendship bracelets that will be available to riders during this summer of concerts.

In partnership with Etsy sellers in Edinburgh, Liverpool, Cardiff and London, the limited edition bracelets have been designed and created for fans to swap at concerts.

Of course, finding Easter eggs and code-cracking are also associated with Swifties.

With this in mind, 200 of the bracelets placed in the Ubers will consist of a special code that offers £20 off Uber Reserve, helping Swifties travel to concerts in style.

200 lucky Swifties will receive a special code on their friendship bracelet that offers £20 off Uber Reserve.Uber

The bracelet launch comes as Uber unveils the phenomenal impact Swifties have had on local economies, with Uber reporting an uplift in demand in every tour city from her sell-out global tour.

Phoenix, Arizona saw the largest increase in demand, with a 63 per cent increase in Uber requests whilst Taylor was in town, while all cities saw an average increase of 23 per cent when The Eras Tour was playing.

With Taylor set to come to the UK over the summer, the UK is getting prepared for an influx of superfans flooding in for the concerts, and Uber reveals they anticipate a significant rise in demand in bookings over the tour weekend.

Andrew Brem, General Manager of Uber UK said “Uber has seen first-hand the ‘Swift Lift’, with a noticeable rise in demand when the superstar comes to town, and we expect the same uplift in demand with her UK tour dates.

"With hundreds of thousands of fans attending the concerts every weekend Taylor is here, our riders will be depending on Uber more than ever to get home safely”.

As well as an anticipated increase in Uber rides, the ‘Swift Lift’ is also having an impact across a number of industries.

Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy Trends Expert, shared: "With a community of over 97M buyers and over 8M sellers worldwide, Etsy is reshaping the way fans engage with their favorite artists."

In fact, while Taylor was touring across the US in 2023, we saw a 22,313 per cent increase in searches for concert-inspired friendship bracelets* as well as a 43 per cent increase in searches for friendship bracelet kits, and we anticipate the same trend will sweep Europe throughout 2024."

Download the Uber app and pre-book your ride to be in with a chance of getting your very own Uber friendship bracelet this June.

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