Theresa May was asked what she's feeling at the moment. She repeated a campaign slogan


It appears that Theresa May isn't finished with her buzzwords.

Her dependency on snappy phrases during the election campaign was agonising to behold.

It felt like you couldn't hear Theresa May answer a question without including either the phrase:

Strong and stable


Get on with the job.

With the election over, you'd think that those habits would have died with her campaign.

Well, take a look at this interview May took with Sky News's Beth Rigby and see if you notice anything.

When asked how she's feeling about the election (possibly a bit of a soft question) she replied that she wants to get on with the job.

Take a look at this transcript of the interview, as tweeted by Business Insider's Adam Bienkov:

She really wants to get on the job.

That's how she's feeling.

The internet responded in typical fashion.

It's telling that she doesn't feel "Strong and Stable".

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