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Britain has been told to brace for freezing temperatures and snow.

The Met Office warned that temperatures could drop to -12C in parts of Scotland, and this year’s record low of -10.8C could well be broken.

Councils have prepared for heavy snowfall with more than 1.4 million tonnes of salt stockpiled, and reports are already in of people getting injured in the unforgiving weather conditions.

A climber was rescued during a seven-hour operation after falling down a gully during an avalanche on Wales' Mount Snowdon.

The man was among a team of climbers caught in a snow-slide and had suffered a broken leg.

At the prospect of snow, ye grumpy islanders are grumbling about the cold.

Brits have come out in droves to do what they do best in times of inconvenience: Sarcasm, and a cheeky bit of good humour.

Here are some of the most British reactions to the ice and snow:

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