UK weather: 23 memes which prove it is too hot in Britain right now

UK weather: 23 memes which prove it is too hot in Britain right now

We'll be honest, us Brits are the first to complain about the weather. Either it's too hot or it's too cold and wet.

Yet when the sun finally comes out everyone is more than happy to have a BBQ and indulge in some after-work drinks.

However, this current heatwave is something else. For instance in London, the Met Office has forecast temperatures to rise to around 37C on Friday.

Now, we like it as warm as the next person but there is warm and then there is nuclear.

While the heatwave points towards a bigger issue of global warming, an epidemic that is currently effecting the entire planet, it hasn't stopped people making some hilarious memes and jokes on Twitter.

Air conditioning and pools are now the most sought after commodity in the UK.

Everyone is now praying for the rain to arrive and cool everything down.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to anyone using the Central Line today.

Incidentally, the BBC Weather website crashed on Thursday morning and it has the best error image ever.

Image: BBC

Remember folks, while memes and jokes are all well and good, it is important to stay hydrated and cool during this kind of weather.

And don't forget about that sunscreen. It's what Baz Luhrmann would want.

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