War in Ukraine: The situation in Kyiv

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, beer can supplies are now being threatened.

POLITICO reports that many industries that rely on aluminum cans have struck deals with a Russian company called En+ Group IPJSC for low-carbon aluminum.

But with the continuation of the Ukrainian crisis, those climate-centric relationships En+ built with companies are in danger of collapsing.

Uday Patel, a principal analyst at Wood Mackenzie, told POLITICO that if the turmoil around Russian resources doesn't get resolved by "the middle of this year," there can be a reversal in attempts to "lower carbon in our consumer products."

Aluminum production around the world releases more carbon into the atmosphere than other industries because many smelters still rely on coal and gas.

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The invasion of Ukraine has caused a major political and commercial dilemma for Russia, with an exodus of companies including Apple, TikTok, Addidas, Google, and the BBC.

They've also been stopped from hosting the Russian Grand Prix, participating in Eurovision and international football, saw their teams removed from Fifa and NHL video games, and have been banned from the Beijing Paralympics.

Both the Cannes Film Festival and Venice Film Festival announced they would not allow Russian delegates or those tied to the government at either film festival.

In a statement, both festivals said, "Unless the war of assault ends in conditions that will satisfy the Ukrainian people, it has been decided that we will not welcome official Russian delegations nor accept the presence of anyone linked to the Russian government."

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