The United States' favourite swear words, mapped by state

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Jack Grieve, lecturer in forensic linguistics at Aston University in Birmingham, is probably a f***ing genius.

He created a set of maps showing the popularity of certain swearwords across the US.

The data is based on almost nine billion words from tweets, collected by Diansheng Guo.

The maps show the relative frequency of each word, divided by the total number of words from that place, the blog Strong Language writes.

Here are some of the maps, in which orange means higher frequency of usage:

1. F*** is preferred on the coast

2. A****** is least popular in the south east

3. B****** enjoys a few bubbles of support in the north

4. B**** is most popular in the south east, but the north isn't too keen

5. Usage of the word c*** is spread across the country, but most popular in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts

All images courtesy of Jack Grieve.

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