A map of the world according to American stereotypes
Picture:Yanko Tsvetkov

The machinations of the US government-to-be have been making headlines globally.

President-elect Donald Trump’s knowledge of the world has also been a topic of much discussion: he once referred to Belgium as "a beautiful city”, and this tweet:

Bulgarian artist Yanko Tsvetkov, who gave the internet the satirical map of the world according to Donald Trump, also created one for America:.

Here's the world according to Americans:

According to his perception of Americans, the US is the ‘land of Awesome’, Brazil the ‘Land of no pubes’, and the UK, ‘Royalty’.

Taking political incorrectness to a whole new level, he labels Iran, ‘Satan’ and Iraq, ‘Terrorists’.

Given that it's Thanksgiving in America, Turkey is, of course, 'Poultry'.

Picture: Chip Somodevilla/Getty

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