Video shows 8-foot alligator knocking trapper unconscious

Video shows 8-foot alligator knocking trapper unconscious

It seems like a definite understatement to describe alligators as a 'nuisance', but it's not uncommon to see the huge reptiles wandering the streets of Florida.

Earlier this week, a now-viral clip highlighted just how common they are by showing a routine ‘trapping’ – when alligators are spotted, they’re held down, hogtied and then removed by trappers, who often go on to sell their meat and hides for cash.

On this occasion, the trapper tappped ts head to disorient the animal before lifting, but this nine-foot gator was having none of it.

Despite being bound, the creature managed to land a forceful headbutt which, according to NBC, knocked his captor unconscious for several seconds.

Several videos show the attack from different angles; in one clip, a child says ominously, "I would never do this job when I grow up" just moments before the reptile strikes.

In another video, the trapper can be more clearly seen tapping its head in an effort to disorient the animal.

Although classified as a pest species due to the rarity of their attacks, alligators can be deadly; just days ago, the remains of a 47-year-old victim, Shizuka Matsuki, were found inside an alligator near a Florida lake. She is thought to have been walking her dogs when the attack took place.

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