Waitrose forced to change name of 'sexist' sandwich following complaints

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When was the last time you popped into a high street supermarket hankering for a gender-specific sandwich?

The answer is 'probably never'. But that didn't stop Waitrose from labelling one of their sandwiches a 'Gentleman's Smoked Chicken Caesar Roll'.

The roll, which is part of the Heston Blumenthal range at the chain, contains 'gentleman's relish', an anchovy mayonnaise, so there is some logic behind the name.

A description of the sarnie reads as:

The ultimate Caesar salad to go. A parmesan ciabatta roll filled with pulled, smoked chicken breast, beechwood smoked bacon and Parmigiano Reggiano all topped with anchovy mayonnaise and Cos lettuce for crunch.

However, Waitrose has vowed to change the name of the roll following complaints from Twitter, most notably from London's Night Czar, Amy Lame.

Speaking to The Telegraph a spokesperson from Waitrose said:

It's never our intention to cause offence - we're not dictating who should eat this sandwich - we hope anyone who tries it will love the distinctive flavours.

However, we are planning to change the name of the sandwich soon.

It has not been confirmed when the name of the sandwich will be changed or what the new name will be.

There has been some backlash (mostly from men) to the suggestion that the name of the sandwich is sexist, as there are plenty of other foods which have been given female names.

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