Wall Street Journal mocked for suggesting people skip breakfast to save money

Eggs In The US Are 70% More Expensive Than They Were Last …

Can’t afford eggs? The Wall Street Journal has the perfect solution for you!

Don’t eat breakfast.

In an article from WSJ, the publication’s headline “To Save Money, Maybe You Should Skip Breakfast” advocates for people to avoid breakfast staples to bypass the rising food cost.

For the last year, inflation has been at the top of the list of problems for Americans who are struggling to afford basic necessities.

The price of everyday things like bread, cheese, and meat has increased anywhere from 10 to 30 per cent, forcing people to be more lenient when purchasing and using their favorite foods.

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“Breakfast lovers might be better off just having a cup of coffee,” journalist Gabriel Rubin writes after listing a long list of increasing food costs.

Most notably, eggs have jumped 49 to 70 per cent more than they cost last year, in part because of inflation, in part because of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, but also due to a deadly avian flu outbreak.

And while many Americans are upset over rising food costs, some did not take kindly to the WSJ suggestion.

Along with the online mockery, people pointed out that the article was behind a paywall - which only added fuel to the fire of jokes.

Despite the conversation-sparking headline, the WSJ article was a simple piece that listed some breakfast foods that are rising in cost, including frozen orange juice, breakfast cereal, and instant coffee.

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