Watch out Isis, the US has a name for its military operation against you

Since August, when US warplanes bombed jihadists positions around Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, the Pentagon has been resisting demands to name the American military offensive against Isis.

But now the Department of Defence has relented and revealed that henceforth, and retrospectively, all military action against Isis will be known as:

Operation Inherent Resolve

Defence officials, using the alternative acronym for Isis, explained the name was "intended to reflect the unwavering resolve and deep commitment of the US and partner nations in the region and around the globe to eliminate the terrorist group Isil and the threat they pose to Iraq, the region and the wider international community".

"It also symbolises the willingness and dedication of coalition members to work closely with friends in the region and apply all available dimensions of national power necessary - diplomatic, informational, military and economic - to degrade and ultimately destroy Isil," a statement added.

  • A US-led coalition air-strike against Isis in Kobani, northern Syria

The US has previously shown no such reluctance in naming military operations, from Desert Storm (the Gulf), Iraqi Freedom (Iraq in 2003) and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

Sometimes the names given to military operations can be quite contradictory, however, seeing as though this was what Gaza looked like after the end of Israel's Operation Protective Edge.

It's not just the US and Israel, however, France's air-strikes against Isis are taking place under Operation Chammal, while the UK has named its military action Operation Shader.

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