Stories that come out of weddings usually talk about a demanding bride or groom, but this time the awkwardness came from a guest.

One Reddit user shared a story in which a friend of the groom refused to attend his wedding because it wasn’t held in a church.

Wild, right?

User PowPowBang posted on Wedding Shaming a week before the occasion about her fiancé’s friend, who decided to return the RSVP after learning the ceremony wasn’t going to be a traditionally religious one.

She explained:

That's it, I'm guest shaming.

F*cking fuming right now. My wedding is a week from today -- food has been paid for, the seating chart is done, etc.

Today, my fiance gets a text from one of his friends who had previously RSVPed that he and his wife were coming to the wedding. The text said something along the line of "we need to talk ASAP." Pretty ominous, right? So my fiance meets up with his friend.

The friend, who the poster called “Terry” is “SUPER Catholic.”

For context, this particular friend (let's call him Terry) is super, SUPER Catholic and possibly the most religious person I've ever met. I consider myself to be Christian, my fiance is atheist and we're having a secular wedding.

The fiancé decides to meet with Terry, who informs his friend that the wedding is “sacrilegious” and “not valid.” Right.

So my fiance meets up with Terry who immediately tells him that he has decided not to come to the wedding for moral/religious reasons. Evidently, our wedding is "sacrilegious" and "not valid" because we're not having it in a church. He had apparently been wrestling with the idea of attending our "fake" wedding and talked to his priest about it over dinner. The priest told him not to go, and also told him about a woman who he (the priest) advised not to attend her OWN SISTER'S wedding because it also wasn't being held in a church.

Terry then attempted to convert my fiance. It did not work.

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