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Donald Trump’s attendance at the G7 Summit has been extensively covered, and it has prompted many people online to reminisce about former US president Barack Obama.

Trump’s behaviour at the G7 summit has been rather erratic according to reports, which doesn’t help his global reputation.

The US president skipped a meeting about climate change and biodiversity attended by other world leaders.

He went on to plug his own Miami golf club for next year’s G7, he claimed China had “called” to ask for trade talks despite the fact that a top Chinese official who said he was unaware of any call and he said he would readmit Vladimir Putin to the group despite arguments that it should remain an association of liberal democracies.

For many Americans, these incidents culminate into a feeling of intense embarrassment, and it has prompted many to compare Trump to Barack Obama.

Former campaign chair for Obama, Jon Cooper launched #ObamaOutdidTrump

#ObamaOutdidTrump quickly began trending on Twitter

Obama was better at shmoozing with the Royals

And better at impromptu photo shoots with babies

Magazines loved Obama

Obama was better at empathy

Obama wasn't accused of sexual assault by 16 women...

Obama can do this:

Obama and Michelle actually like each other

Obama had written for the Harvard Law Review

Obama > Trump

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