Weddings are a time families get together to celebrate the ultimate binding together of love and romance.

But sometimes, families don’t get on.

A Reddit user has revealed how her aunt ruined her cousin’s wedding after she told everyone to come in casual wear - which prompted her to turn up in a "hoodie and jean shorts".

Posting on the subreddit Am I The **hole? (AITA), reddit user DDR238 told people about the time she attended her cousin’s wedding, only to find out that her auntie had tricked them into believing it was "casual attire".

“In the months leading up to the wedding, my aunt (cousin’s mother) griped about how unconventional the wedding was going to be,” she began.

She was happy for the couple of course but she didn’t like that the wedding wasn’t going to be in a church or banquet hall. The wedding was going to be a small and intimate affair in a scenic national park and then the reception was going to be in a nice rental house in the woods. I thought it sounded cool and unique but my aunt hated the idea of it. She didn’t tell the couple though. Just complained about it to us behind their backs.

The reddit user and family members travelled 600 miles to the wedding and spent holiday money on lodging, food and sightseeing.

“The day before the wedding, my aunt rounded up me and my family members and told us that she just found out that the dress code for the wedding was casual,” the reddit user revealed.

Not gonna lie, many of us were stoked. I hate dressing up so I was all over the idea of a casual backyard BBQ wedding.

My husband and I had already packed nice clothes so we wore them to the ceremony. A few of my family members showed up to the ceremony t-shirts and baseball caps. Immediately after, we changed into comfortable clothes for the reception. I wore a hoodie, daisy Duke shorts and cute sandals.

It turned out the dress code was most definitely not casual.

I noticed that the bride’s family members were still dressed up but I figured they didn’t get the meme. The bride and groom and the wedding party were dressed to the nine’s which I thought was weird for a casual wedding. The reception was awesome. Nice dinner, fancy lawn games, a bonfire. We had a blast.

So we just found out that the bride and groom were very upset with us for wearing casual clothes to their wedding. They thought it was very disrespectful. Apparently my aunt lied to us because she wanted to sabotage their wedding and they were upset that no one checked with them about the dress code. This explains why my cousin and his wife have been standoffish towards us since the wedding.

To be honest, we think they’re overreacting because we all had fun at their wedding and it’s not our fault we got bad info about the dress code. And they never specified the dress code in the invitation.

Some people on reddit thought the woman who asked the question was in the wrong - "casual" is still not jeans shorts.

Daisy dukes and a hoodie are not “casual”in terms of wedding attire. Casual would have been nice slacks and a pretty top or jacket. Your attire was more like Saturday night at the stock car races. I would have been upset with you too and the family members in tee shirts and ball caps were similarly underdressed.


Even jeans and a cute top would be better than shorts and a hoodie.


Others argued that though the aunt committed the ultimate sin, the reddit user should have double-checked with the groom...

The aunt is an asshole too, but no one in their right mind thinks casual attire at a wedding means Daisy Dukes are acceptable. Maybe if the aunt had described the dress code as "white trash casual."


And given how vocal the aunt complained about the wedding, the reddit user should have been suspicious of the sudden change.

Exactly. Also, if the mother of the bride who has been complaining behind the bride's back about the wedding told me there's a sudden change in dress code within days of the event I'd be super suspicious and check with the bride first.


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