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The intricacies of domesticity are never what give a relationship its spark - you just have to look at the tear-stained faces of couples stuck in Ikea checkouts to see that.

In fact, domestic issues are often the main reason couples argue.

Leaving the lights on in empty rooms is the number one cause of rows between couples, according to a new survey by energy company E.ON - who, we imagine, know a thing or two about lighting.

And one in five adults argue about how high or low the heating should be.

Whose turn it is to change the sheets is another bone of contention between cohabiting couples, particularly newlyweds, more so than cooking, cleaning or gardening interestingly.

This compares to the one in ten couples who’ve argued over unplugging electrical items, and roughly the same number who argue about leaving doors and windows open. (Drafts aren't fun people - come on!)

All this domestic arguing may have something to do with the fact that one in ten confessed they avoided chores by saying they’d do them later, or because they didn’t notice when something needed doing.

Or the four in ten who don't have a chores rota, and just go about life willy-nilly.

So, if you want bliss at home? Don't forget to turn out that light.

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