What Ukip would do to Britain's economy, in Ukip's own words

Anxious to refocus attention upon its policies rather than self-destructing candidates, Ukip has unveiled its economic plan for the country.

Economic spokesman and former Daily Express journalist Patrick O'Flynn said a ban on unskilled migration and a new points system for immigrants would protect "working-class jobs".

Here're Ukip's cost-cutting proposals:

  • Leave the EU, saving up to £10bn annually;
  • Increase the personal tax allowance to at least £13,000, and higher when finances allow;
  • Introduce a 35p “lower intermediate tax” so nobody pays 40 per cent until they earn £55,000;
  • Scrap inheritance tax;
  • Raise defence spending by at least £3bn a year;
  • Restrict child benefit for future claims to the first two children;
  • Slash foreign-aid spending to £2bn a year;
  • Reduce UK taxpayer funding per head in Scotland to England’s level, saving “several billion”;
  • Abandon the HS2 “vanity project”.
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