What you need to know about rising tensions with Russia

The fraught relationship between Russia and the West has descended into renewed acrimony after a series of tense military and diplomatic confrontations.

Russian bombers off Cornish coast

News emerged yesterday that RAF jets had been scrambled to the Cornish coast to intercept two Russian Bear bombers just outside British airspace.

David Cameron said Moscow was trying to make "some sort of a point", but added: "I don't think we should dignify it with too much of a response."

Alleged footage of the confrontation, filmed from one of the bombers, has been shown on Russian television (Picture: YouTube/TV Zvezda)

While the presence of Russian warplanes probing Britain and Western Europe's coastline is nothing new - Nato flew 400 intercepts last year - Robert Emerson, a security analyst, warns that increasing brinkmanship could lead to a costly mistake by one side or the other.

The more this goes on, [the greater] the danger from something going wrong, and, in the current febrile atmosphere, the increasingly toxic confrontation, this could have severe unintended consequences.

  • Robert Emerson
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