White CEO goes on horrifying racist rant against waitress who wouldn't serve him more beer

beccahhrose / Instagram

A CEO has come under fire after a video was uploaded of him onto social media berating a waitress.

In the video, Jason Wood – who actually identified himself in the video – called a member of staff at a bar in Fresno, California, “a Saudi Arabian” and a “sand n*****”.

Instagram user Rebecca Hernandez (@beccahhrose) uploaded the video on Thursday after the incident occurred the night before.

She wrote in the caption:

I knew that after the [fifth] time of trying to enforce a mask policy, which he never wore, this person was going to be an issue. After using the bathroom I walked in on my coworker attempting to cut him off. Jason was very persistent, which is something we see a lot.

My coworker did everything right but after hearing ‘no’ several times Jason starts to get aggressive.

Hernandez claimed Wood tried to bribe the wait staff to let him keep drinking, but they refused.

That’s when she stepped in more forcefully, closed his tab and told him to leave, before taking out her phone to film the exchange.

She elaborated on the incident in the Instagram caption:

Like so many others, we are tasked with filming our own abuse to prove that it actually happened. He threatened to ruin my life and take down my place of work. In the video you can hear him call me a “dark haired sand ni**er” and claims that I’m “stupid like Saudi Arabians”.

Hernandez then offered some advice to any other waitstaff or customer service workers who are facing the same thing:

Don’t be afraid to stand up to these people, you are human first and foremost and no one deserves to be treated this way.

At the time of writing, the video has almost 10,000 likes and over 2,000 messages of support.

One responded:

Seriously I don't get these people who can be so ugly to others. They are rotten inside.

While another replied:

Thanks for boldly sharing your story... We're expected to stay silent or experience economic loss. Silence leads to more violence against us, so we need to keep exposing racists like this.

And another wrote:

I’m so sorry you had to hear this creep. It’s good to know who and what he is though.

As a result of the viral video on social media, Actionable Insights – the company Wood works at – announced his resignation “effective immediately”:

Due to recent events, Actionable Insights is announcing the resignation of Mr. Jason Wood as our Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. This is a direct result of his recent unacceptable actions which are not representative of our core values.

During this time of progressive social change, we are committed to ensure our company embodies a spirit of equality and respect for all people. On behalf of Mr. Wood and Actionable Insights, we extend our deepest apologies. It is our hope that we can move forward, and our reputation for integrity and excellence will navigate us through this difficult time.

According to WKBN, Wood said in a statement:

My words were unacceptable. They were a result of being physically impaired. They are not representative of my personal beliefs or that of my company.

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