In Britain, we've had a fair deal of snow in the past few days but we can't really predict if we will get a white Christmas right now.

The Met Office can only accurately determine the weather five days in advance and according to The Sun, the odds of getting snow in London on 25 December currently stands at 3/1.

In Glasgow, it is 2/1, Belfast 9/2 and Cardiff 6/1.

In fact, the last time we had a white Christmas was in 2010 so we aren't getting our hopes up.

How about in America?

Certain parts of the United States like Colorado and Alaska are guaranteed to get snow on Christmas, as it is constantly snowing there so they will hardly bat an eyelid at a few more flakes.

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However, the rest of the country could also be in for a bit of snow on Christmas.

A map made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been created which aims to predict where snow will fall in America this Christmas and how much there will be of it.

It has been compiled using data accumulated between 1981 and 2010 at the NOAA'S National Weather Service 9,800 nationwide stations.

Looking at the latest "climate normals" (the average of climatological measurements) they were able to say that the likes of the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Upstate New York, Maine, Minnesota and Idaho then will definitely be getting snow.

Should you happen to live a bit further south then you shouldn't need to worry about getting those thermals out, as there is virtually no chance of you seeing any snowfall this year. Sorry about that.

Take a look at the map for yourself.

Picture:Picture: NOAA/Screengrab

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