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It's just started snowing in London and now Twitter is full of tweets telling you exactly this.

Londoners woke up this morning to plummeting temperatures, falling snow and - judging by reactions on Twitter - a lot of squealing and pointing.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning, meaning the capital could see between one and five inches of snowfall throughout the day and winds of around 70mph.

It snowed North of the Watford gap earlier this week to a largely blasé response. But London was not as composed.

The subsequent tweet storm far is wilder than the snow falling on the capital.

Predictably, the tube is struggling.

With the return to traditional winter snow comes traditional train delays.

Some of the photos are actually beautiful.

It's not all mushed up muddy powder under foot and being stuck on the tube.

So much joy.

Though there is no Twitter storm without controversy.

Experts have also warned that Storm Hannah, which is expected across France and Spain on Sunday night, could hit Southern parts of the UK by Monday.

However, the rest of the week is expected to be comparatively calm.

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