Explorer stumbles upon two giant tortoises mating, triggers slowest chase ever recorded on camera

Explorer Paul Rose was on a National Geographic expedition in the Seychelles when he stumbled upon two giant tortoises mating.

Rose writes of the Assumption Island encounter:

Walking across the island I was drawn toward a powerful rhythmic grunting coming from dense bushes and was delighted to find that it was two giant tortoises mating - a beautiful thing to witness. I did the obvious and - together with Neil Gelinas, our film producer - sat in the grass, quiet, almost holding my breath for fear of disturbing them.

That attempt to remain undetected failed, however, and the male giant tortoise proceeded to advance upon them, snapping, hissing and snorting in what can only be described as the world's slowest ever chase involving a horny tortoise.

Watch the full clip below:

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