Why you shouldn't tempt fate when on a theme park ride

Disclaimer: No one was hurt in this video

This video comes to us from a theme park in the US, where father Dru Larson was filming his family about to take off on a catapult ride.

"The ropes are looking a little frayed," someone jokes off camera, eliciting nervous laughter.

But just before the ride, at Mount Olympus Theme Park in Wisconsin, is about to be activated, a support rope flies off and hits the floor, appearing to take a big chunk out of it in the process.

The rope comes within about a metre of Larson's 13-year-old son Trevor, who told WISN 12 News: "There was like four inch deep hole.

"It was extremely loud. I didn't really know what was happening. It was a split second. That's how fast it came down."

The Catapult ride has now been permanently taken out of service by the theme park.

Watch the video below (with some NSFW language)

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