The woman who fell off this cliff has revealed her identity - and what happened next

The woman who fell off this cliff has revealed her identity - and what happened next

A woman falling off a cliff was the subject of a troubling video watched by millions last summer. Even harder was not knowing whether she was okay following the fall – but, finally, her injuries and identity have been revealed.

You probably remember the chilling video. It starts as social media footage often does, with a glistening blue ocean and toned travellers in swimsuits backflipping off a cliff. A woman confidently takes a diving pose before hesitating at the last minute, slipping and grabbing at a man’s foot to stop herself falling. But he pulls his leg away.

The man who filmed the video, Alexander Tikhomirov, revealed to UNILAD that the woman in the video is his ex-wife, Russian model Mary Shum, and that the man with her is Instagram famous Moscow-based filmmaker Jay Alvarrez.

It is painful to watch her plummeting down, her fate obscured by the cliff edge until you see a splash in the waves. But the experience was not as agonising for her as you might think. Tikhomirov told UNILAD:

Mary fell on a rock at first – about three metres down- She didn’t break anything, unlike people said, but she did hurt her feet and ass and back

We went to hospital later and she couldn’t walk for a few days. But finally everything was good.

Mercy not being the web’s strong point, Alvarrez’s split-second decision to pull his foot away was met with outrage when the video came out. One reddit user wrote:

He took the leg away, so he wouldn’t get pulled with her and so gave her the worst fall possible.

But Tikhomirov does not blame Alvarrez for his quick thinking. He said:

He removed it, not because he is an a**hole, but because everything happened in one second.

Two months ago, Shum and Tikhomoriv also split up after having a child together.

They continue modelling, travel blogging and filmmaking, hopefully at a safe distance from cliff edges.


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