Woman trolled for body hair selfie is brilliantly shutting down body shamers everywhere

A woman has posted a picture of her stomach on the internet without waxing first. You can probably imagine what comes next.

Because Suraiya is a women on the internet, specifically a woman who has the audacity to be happy with her body, people totally lost it.

Just one look at the replies is enough to make your skin crawl.

However, there wasn't just hate. Messages flooded in thanking Suraiya for inspiring confidence in their own bodies...

Suraiya told i100.co.uk:

For any hate I received I got the same amount of love back. And thats what made it totally worth it.

I think women should just do what they want. No one should dictate what we embrace. If women want to embrace shaving, then shave, if they want to embrace being hairy - awesome.

I'm tired of constantly seeing women being put in a position of helplessness with their bodies. The narrative belongs to us, and so do the choices we make within the narrative.

But the best part of her selfie going viral?

The coming of age moment I had with my mum. I feel like our relationship got better after we talked about all of this. And that isn’t something I ever fathomed occurring. I'm very grateful for it.

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