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The Thailand team may have lost against Sweden in the Fifa Women’s World Cup, but the manager’s tearful reaction when they scored a goal went viral, prompting people to highlight just what an incredible person she is.

Thailand lost to the with an abysmal 13-0 in its first group-stage match last Tuesday, so this second defeat, with Sweden winning 5-1, was a relief of sorts.

Nualphan Lamsam, also known as Madam Pang, was captured crying tears of joy from the bleachers as she watched her team score a goal minutes before the end.

Sweden scored four goals by second half injury-time and things were looking dire for the team.

And then Thailand’s Kanjana Sungngoen scored a goal – much to the delight of the stadium, and the coach.

Andrew Das, assistant editor at New York Times Sports was quick to point out that Lamsam isn’t just a "random Thai staff member".

Writing a Twitter thread about Madam Pang, he revealed: “She is arguably the most important figure in women's soccer in Thailand who doesn't play. She's the general manager of Thailand's women's team, and its greatest benefactor."

He went on to share her accolades:

In response, football fans praised the manager and her team

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