A man tried to compare the plans for an EU army to Nazi Germany and it didn't go to plan

There has been a lot said and written about the European Union in the past three years, with many people supporting it and others doing the exact opposite.

However, we're not sure if we've ever heard the organisation compared to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist party of 1930s Germany.

Some pro-EU MPs have been likened to Nazis by pro-Brexit campaigners but according to Jack Crosby, a former athlete turned Brexiteer, the EU is reminiscent of Hitler's overall plans for Europe, had he have won the Second World War.

In a tweet where he linked an article to the website 'Guerilla Brexit', he claimed that the EU's supposed plans for an army are the same as Hitler's military ambitions, and you can imagine what the replies were like:

Speculation about an EU army has run rife for years now and it is not entirely untrue. Although the union doesn't have its own army, it does encourage cooperation between its own member states with both Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel championing the idea in December.

However, the EU does not hold any power over its states which would force them into such an agreement, with each country allowed to right to veto such a decision and a unanimous decision would need to be reached in order for it to be approved.

As it stands the UK opposes such an idea, with the deputy leader of the House of Lords, Earl Howe, stating in June 2016:

While the idea for a so-called 'EU army' isn't entirely untrue, comparing these plans to the fascist regime of Nazi Germany is a bit of stretch.

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